EURO CONTRACTOR Ltd. is an international provider of project management solutions in the fields of oil&gas, infrastructure, mining, energy, constructions, and business development.

We provide flexible up-to-date business approaches for managing large international projects, aiming value maximization for our beneficiaries, as well as deep compliance with international and local rules and regulations.

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Building Successful Business
since 2007

EURO CONTRACTOR Ltd. is a large business integrator, located in Romania, owning and operating, together with its partners, large worldwide infrastructures, including office spaces, logistics, production and warehousing facilities.

The core business of the company consists in providing complete project management solutions, mostly for projects developed under EPC/EPCF and BOT/BOOT approaches, with o focus on large international initiatives.

What we do

We are using our expertise from multiple fields of activity by putting together the competences of our worldwide team, in order to develop and manage large projects effectively and efficiently.

Our business partners are operating on 4 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America), possessing outstanding insights regarding the local markets and the available and skilled workforce necessary for implementing complex projects.

We are able to cover all the phases of a project: the idea, the financing phase, the engineering phase, the procurement phase, the construction phase, the maintenance phase. We can also operate the infrastructure and provide transition management services.

We can finance, through our partners, emergent projects in the fields of oil & gas, infrastructure, mining, energy, constructions, business development, up to 1.6 billion euro each.

Upstream production

We are providing safe, innovative and sustainable project management solutions, to oil and gas upstream production challenges, from engineering stage to ready-to-use facility. We are planning in detail our activities, we operate according to the international standards, we ensure technical assistance, and optimise every detail in order to save client’s resources.

Processing and treating

Due to our expertise and know-how acquired from our transnational partners, we can deliver a comprehensive range of project management services and regulatory interface management, including safety case development implementation for oil processing, oil storage, gas processing, oil, gas, and water pipelines. We can prove a deep understanding of oil & gas processing and treating, both onshore and offshore. We have ongoing contracts with the biggest oil&gas operator in Romania. We are also involved in offshore operations in Iran and Singapore.

Refining & Petrochemicals

We use joint-venture approaches to establish, manage, and operate productive units in the field of refining, and petrochemicals, focusing also on protecting the environment from the pollution resulting from using additives. We are developing methods to determine the feedstock selection or process operating characteristics that obtain maximum profit and/or minimum costs.

H&G Power Plants

We are connected with the newest energy policies. We have access to financing for designing, establishing and operating Gas to Liquid plants for producing LPG, naphtha, diesel and wax, under ECPF approach. So far, our experts have been leading projects aiming the construction of Gas to Power facilities, with an overall installed power of 30 MW

Integrated Urban Management

Our engineers designed urban integrated development plans for many cities which are now part of Bucharest Metropolitan Area. Therefore, we gathered a lot of expertise in urban planning. Our projects encompass urban systematization, parks, architectural concepts, utilities, public lighting, video surveillance under one integrated urban development concept, customized according to citizens’ needs and expectations.

Road infrastructure

Our company, together with our partners, was involved in projects aiming design and execution of highways, national roads, county roads, local interest roads, urban streets. Most road infrastructure projects were carried out by involving international experts in the field. Due to lack of funding, our company managed also to grant access to local authorities to international financing instruments.

Public utilities networks

We have expertise in large infrastructure projects aiming the development of public utility networks. Several water and sewerage rehabilitation networks projects were carried out by our experts. Also, we have designed and executed wastewater treatment plants, with high degree of automatization. We have also implemented public lighting network optimization projects, achieving significant energy savings. We have developed partnerships in the field of procurement with the most important worldwide electric equipment providers.

Civil works

We ensure site management, project management, international and local procurement for large civil works projects, with focus on international high importance buildings.


We are not approaching mining like an obsolete, pollutant industry, but like an opportunity to discover and valuate new resources. Our professional project management solutions in the field of mining & minerals capitalization cover all relevant areas of the industry, including surface mining, underground mining, sea mining. We gathered expertise in the management of highly specialized mineral processes such as ore treatment and concentration facilities, DMS facilities, X-Ray adavanced technologies.

Our business approach regarding mining is divided in 2 phases:

A. Consulting for identifying mine camps, early exploration studies, and preliminary economic analysis, including right geology for deposit models


B1. Joint venture approach for minerals capitalization, in order to exploit along with our partners, the deposits


B2. Consulting and commissioning for selling the deposits to other companies; also transition management services, as well as know-how transfer might be delivered by our specialists.

Renewable Energy

We are up to date with the newest technologies in the field of renewable energy. Our international certified experts are currently involved in managing large projects aiming the development of photovoltaic parks and wind farms. We have partnership agreements with worldwide electric components providers for renewables. We have also been involved in technology and know-how transfer events related to the fields. Currently we are exploring the newest technologies for producing energy from biomass.


We are supporting our clients to save money and energy by developing cogeneration facilities (CHP plants). We provide detailed cogeneration engineering and equipment, as well as CHP equipment sourcing and cost-benefit analysis, delivery and installation of equipment, maintenance, and financing. We share expertise in the fields of community heating plants, desalination power plants, and even combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) systems, as technologies combining cogeneration plants and absorption chillers.

Conventional Energy

Being aware that renewable energy policies are not affordable on extended scales, we have developed integrated solutions for increasing energy efficiency for our industrial clients using large amounts of conventional energy. Our optimization expertise refers both to technological innovations and improvements, and financial optimization. We can also support our clients fulfil their mandatory liabilities, by intermediating tradable green certificates (TGC) transactions.


Our expertise in constructions encompasses a large variety of projects, including hospitals, residential areas, schools and high schools, shopping malls, factories and manufacturing facilities, warehouses, industrial plants, different types of non-residential buildings.

We are connected with legal aspects regarding construction fields in several countries in the world, which allows us to capitalize our know-how and to carry out construction projects all over the world.

We can cover all relevant stages of a construction project:

  • Engineering and design according to international regulations and standards, taking also in account the local legal particularities.
  • Financing for project deployment, in a very short time and with advantageous financial conditions.
  • International and/or local procurement, under optimized cost and delivery conditions from top worldwide providers.
  • Time and cost management during the project deployment, with advanced reports and forecasts, very useful for both the beneficiary and the financer.
  • Access to skilled workforce, via local labour market, international labour market (through our workforce placement company), or provision of skilled workforce from our group companies, with top level professionals in executing the works.

Business Development

Due to our extensive network of collaborators, distributed all over the world, we can easily support the business expansion and development of our clients on foreign markets.

Our support ranges from identifying the best markets and industry a company can enter on a foreign market, to provision with logistic facilities (spaces, buildings, etc.) under excellent financial terms, and consulting and assistance with local commercial regulations.

We can also identify suitable partners on the local markets in relevant fields of activity for our clients. We are identifying and providing market opportunities in order to expand our clients’ activity, to support them gain and consolidate the market share. We are also keeping in mind that business evelopment on foreign markets involves expertise from multiple fields of activity, meaning that a multidisciplinary team of experts will provide advice for a suitable integration on the market.

Main Services

Since 2007 we gathered experience with several types of projects and with many clients belonging to different countries, different cultures. Now, we are proud to bring our clients a portfolio including a large variety of services, covering the most diversified needs of the industries we are targeting.

The clients of our services are both public authorities and private beneficiaries, for which we identify and develop suitable types of projects, in order to generate value and produce well-being at national, regional, and micro-economic levels.

Because our solutions are completely customized, we only mention below some recurrent general services we are frequently asked and recommended for by our clients.

Management studies and analysis

– facility audits for oil & gas onshore & offshore industry;
– debottlenecking studies;
– safety case development & environmental advisory services;

Consulting for specific project management areas

– financial management;
– risk management;
– transition management;
– time management;
– crisis management;
– planning and reporting;

Project analysis and optimization

– cost control;
– asset & resources management;
– process and production operations optimization;
– technical writing and procedure development;

Specific services for targeted industries

– drilling consulting services and well management consulting services;
– FEED (Front-End Engineering and Design);
– pre-commissioning; commissioning and start-up supervision and execution;
– M&O support for facility owners;
– preliminary economic analysis;
– site management services;

Project management for EPC/EPCF and BOT/BOOT projects

– complete project management solutions;
– including project planning;
– implementation;
– monitoring and control;

Business integration services

– concept and design review;
– engineering;
– international and local procurement;
– construction;
– operation;
– maintenance;

Due diligence services

– due diligence work for asset farm-ins/farm-outs;
– business appraisal services;
– financial performance assessment;

New markets companies’ expansion consulting

– legal advisory;
– supply/secondment of skilled O&M personnel into client organizations at all levels;

Financing services

– business financial overview;
– cash-flow planning;
– commissioning;
– funding;
– transaction securitization;

Joint Venture model

Most of our large projects are implemented using a Joint-Venture model:

  • development of common investment projects on external markets
  • win-win approach regarding investments and distribution of profits
  • complementary management for the project, with full responsibility on pre-set activities
  • confidentiality & non-disclosure warranties
  • non-exclusivity and fair distribution of roles, responsibilities, and benefits

Public-Private Partnership model

For public projects, involving public authorities and significant impact for communities we propose a PPP approach:

  • provision of financing from private sources
  • construction in charge of the private partner
  • know-how and knowledge transfer from private partner to public partner
  • division of risks
  • return of investment within a definite period
  • win-win approach from economic and social viewpoints

Full responsibility model

For beneficiaries willing to transfer the entire responsibility of the projects, we will assume the development of the entire project, under time and budget pre-set conditions. Our experts will be in charge to make things happen precisely. When the project is done, we transfer the infrastructure to the beneficiary, delivering also transition management and training services.


The headquarters of the company are located in Bucharest, Romania, 1st District, 253-259 Odăii Road.

There are available 56 class-A fully equipped offices, totalizing 1.800 square meters on a 2 level-structure, connected to utilities, provided with air conditioning, internet access, Wi-fi, and complete IT&C infrastructure.


We have local subsidiaries in 10 countries, covering 4 continents (Romania, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Dubai, India, Singapore, Hong-Kong, Brazil)


We have an international team encompassing 10 country managers, 39 engineers, 20 site managers, 11 business developers, 75 graduated and Ph.D experts in the targeted industries, and full access to a 10.000 operational staff database, provided by Rental Channel, our workforce placement company, with worldwide experience

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